Year 10 Lake Mountain Outdoor Education Trip

Last week, on Wednesday and Friday, the Year 10 Outdoor Education students had the privilege of going cross country skiing at Lake Mountain for their day snow trip.

There was much excitement and anticipation on the bus as we wound our way up the mountain and prepared for the day ahead.

On both days we had enough snow to cover the trails and give us plenty of opportunity to learn and practise our skills and then explore the beautiful snowgum woodlands. The days were varied in terms of weather conditions, as Wednesday’s group enjoyed sunny ‘warm’ conditions and Friday’s group experienced the joy of big snow flakes falling on them most of the morning and cloudy mist covering the plateau.

Most students had not ever attempted cross country skiing before, and so dealing with learning a new skill in a cold environment took determination, persistence and patience. The staff were very impressed with the students' ability to tackle this challenge and encourage each other consistently throughout the day. It was great to see all of the success, smiles and laughter of the students during our trip.

The groups were able to explore the stunning environment and begin to observe the various factors impacting it. While we focus on preparation, safety and skill development, we also look at the biodiversity of the environment around the Lake Mountain Plateau and the impact of fire in the region.

The student’s readiness for the day was paramount in achieving a successful trip, and by all reports two very enjoyable day trips were had.


Mrs Jane Smith, Mr Louis Gross and Mr David Evans

Outdoor Education Teachers



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