Year Prep at Back Creek Farm

The sun shone, and so did the Prep students and Year 9 boys, as they braved the cold on the Back Creek Farm excursion.

The experience included a wonderful range of farm activities run by the capable Year 9 boys.

Some of the activities included collecting eggs from the hen house then making their own scrambled eggs, digging up potatoes and turning them into potato fritters and visiting two-week old calves and lambs. If you were really lucky, you also received a sloppy lick from a calf!

The highlight for most, however, was the hay bale ride, resulting in straw being taken home for 'Show and Tell', and a fair amount of mud from splashing in puddles!

It was a great day full of wonderful experiences that ended with some very tired students and staff.

Mrs Sally Humphris and Mrs Tracey Coffey
Year Prep Teachers



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