Water.... Year 7 Geography

Have you ever wondered where our water comes from? What about where it goes? Last week our Year 7 students participated in an excursion that challenged them to consider the journey and use of water in the Geelong region. Working as a team, the students split into expert groups exploring multiple locations around Geelong, including the Black Rock Water Treatment Centre and the Wurdee Boluc Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant. Armed with well-considered questions and newly acquired field sketching techniques, the students critically considered the function and impact of each location on our local environment. With sustainability and the responsible use of water as a focus they experienced Geelong from a new perspective while representing our college beautifully in their self-directedness and conduct. Back at Middle School, the students gathered back into their teams to share, explore and discuss their learning that will form the foundation of a rich and collaborative Geography learning task.


Ms Michelle Williams

Year 7 Coordinator 


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