Japanese Speech Contest Success

On Thursday, 10th August, the annual Junior School Japanese Speech Contest was held in the Chapel.

The 38 participants were from Year 1 to Year 4, and they had all worked very hard to prepare themselves for the challenging task of presenting a speech in Japanese to a large audience. We were very fortunate to have many parents, grandparents and friends come to see the children perform.

We had two excellent and experienced native speaking judges, Ayana Sakaguchi and Yukari Hodgart. They were both very impressed at the children’s Japanese speaking skills but also their public speaking skills. The children projected their voices well, spoke clearly and bowed at the start and the end of their speeches.

Yuji Nakayama, our College's director of Japanese, commented that the Junior School students had clearly put a lot of time and effort into their presentations and that he looked forward to teaching them all Japanese at Senior School. We also had two longer presentations by Niko and Zen Nakayama, who showed our audience what a native Japanese speaker speech would sound like.

The following students were selected by our judges as the placegetters:                                                       

Year 1: Nate Vallance (1st), Thomas O’Halloran (equal 2nd), Breeana Lamb (equal 2nd),  Sarrah Millie (3rd)

Year 2: Liliana Costa (1st), Sabrina Li (2nd, Pippa Hearps (equal 3rd), Stella McMillan (equal 3rd)

Year 3: William Wray (1st), Holly Jaques (2nd), Charlotte Biviano Dean (3rd)

Year 4: Sofia Knight (1st), Francesca Sollberger (2nd), Bella Lynch (3rd)


Katya Chaney and Adam Reidy


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