Year One 'Shapes Up' in Mathematics

Year 1 students have thoroughly enjoyed learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

They have shared their knowledge of 2D shapes by creating some amazing shape creatures, including birds, tigers, lizards, snakes, rabbits, dogs and many more. It was wonderful to see the children planning to make their shape creature first, carefully considering what they would make and the kinds of shapes they may use. They then traced or drew the shapes and independently cut them out, watching as their creature came to life on the paper.

The opportunity to explore 3D shapes was embraced by all, with shapes being constructed out of play dough and rolled pieces of paper. The students enjoyed trying to identify 3D shapes in our school surroundings, and were excited to discover that shapes really are all around us and used for specific purposes.

Daniel, from 1B, was quick to discover the reason why a ball is shaped as a sphere, stating: “This is so it rolls and I can kick it really far”.

All in all, the Year 1 really ‘shaped up’ during this topic in Mathematics!

Katherine Green


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