Music Highlights - Geelong Schools' Music Festival

The Junior School String Ensemble and Year 3 Singing Workshop represented Christian College Geelong beautifully at the 71st Annual Geelong Schools’ Music and Movement Festival on Wednesday morning.

This year's Festival was one of the biggest on record, with thousands of students participating from over 40 schools in the region, across four days at Costa Hall. Young people from the city, coast and country came together to perform for their friends, families and fellow students.

The Junior School String Ensemble prepared a collection of pieces entitled ‘Sea Suite’, written by Kathy and David Blackwell. The three contrasting pieces were each inspired by life at sea - starting with the menacing ‘Shark Attack!’, followed by the very calm ‘Barrier Reef’, and finishing with the energetic ‘Cap’n Jack’s Hornpipe’.

The Year 3 Singing Workshop performed 'Fiddle I Fee', including entertaining animal sounds and 'How Far I’ll Go' from Moana. The Year 3 cohort look forward to performing at the Junior Assembly next week.

Students and staff were acknowledged for their dedication and hard work in the lead up to their highlight performances on the big stage. All participants were encouraged to continue to share their gifts and talents with each other, and strive for enjoyment in their pursuits in the creative arts.    
Rebecca Bertoncello, Kevin Smith and Carla Dunlop


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