Where Do We Live? - A Prep Investigation

As part of our Integrated Studies - Geography curriculum, the Prep children are currently studying a unit on “Where do we live?”

This unit includes questions such as:

  • What are different places like? What are the places around us?
  • What are the differences between natural environments and man-made environments?
  • What makes a place special?
  • What are the features around our Campus and around your house?
  • How can we look after the places we live in?
  • Who are the traditional landowners?

On excursion, the Prep children had the opportunity to visit some of our local shops and businesses to find out more about our local community. The children visited several businesses in Highton Village, including Flight Centre, Bakers Delight and Woolworths.

After a great morning of learning about our local village, the children enjoyed lunch and a big play at Barwon Valley Playground.

Rachel Fox



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