Next Week in Project Care - ‘Shop to Stop it’

Next week in Project Care is ‘Offspring Week’!

This annual event is taking on the theme of ‘Shop to Stop it’ – shopping ethically to end slavery. ‘Offspring’ is an organisation that works to support and rehabilitate women in India who have been rescued from trafficking, transitioning them back into community where possible.

The root cause of trafficking is certainly wide and varied, but in some circumstances, it is linked to the slave trade industry, such as those in clothing factories.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing crime in the world today. This can be an overwhelming fact but through raising awareness and making practical and small changes to our daily purchasing habits, we can all be empowered to ‘do something’ about this!

Over the week, the aim is for our students to:

  • Grapple with the concept of consumer power - that their ‘fast fashion’ and food choices may have a direct impact on the slave industry.
  • Be challenged about their personal choices and to make small changes to their purchasing habits (try to choose Whittaker chocolate, which is more ‘ethical’ than Nestle, for example).
  • Understand Gods view on this concept and how He asks us to respond.
  • Be empowered to know that we can ALL make a difference!

The challenge will be for students to bring in quality items of clothing or shoes from Monday, 28th to Thursday, 31st August, which will be sorted and displayed in our Chapel over the week.

The Homeroom with the most items brought in will be the first to be given the opportunity to select items of clothing in exchange, encouraging students to recycle their clothing and, in turn, reducing consumer demand for ‘fast fashion’. An ‘ethical’ food hamper will also be up for grabs!  

On Friday, 1st September, we will ask students to donate $2+ which will go towards Offspring and encourage them to dress in casual clothes that are ‘ethical’ or ‘recycled’.

We look forward to your involvement and support of this Prefect and SRC initiative!


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