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What Our Students Do Well!

We recently received this letter from an outside organisation after our students visited and worked with them during the year. It was very rewarding to receive such praise for our students and it is a reflection on you as families. 

To Teachers from Christian College – Year 10 Outdoor Education Program 

Thanks for coming to the coast and being a part of the GORCC Environmental Education Program. During Term 2 and 3, the students have put approximately 665 plants in the ground to a very high standard. In Term 2, you planted 260 at the Soapy Rocks revegetation site, replacing the invasive weedy species with biodiverse indigenous species. In Term 3 you planted over 400 plants at two sites: Spring Creek, where we are trying to rehabilitate the bank of the creek to both protect the waterway and provide habitat. And also Deep Creek, where a grass slope is being rehabilitated to what it would have been like prior to European settlement.

Considering the age group, the students consistently impress with their attitude and understanding. I often notice they are not afraid to express emotions like so many students I see of that age, and that really reflects well on the culture of the school.

I’m sure the combination of our two programs has helped establish a lasting emotional connection and sense of custodianship for the coast among the students. Hopefully they will continue on a pathway to protecting and living environmentally-considered lives.

Please convey my appreciation to the students for some very enjoyable and productive sessions, and I’ll look forward to seeing a new group next year.


Peter Crowcroft

Environmental Education Program Coordinator | Great Ocean Road Coast Committee


Year 12 Student and Parent Evening

Last night we had the privilege of having Darren Perriera speak in the Chapel to a good number of Year 12 students and their parents or guardians.

Darren is an international speaker who, for over 13 years, has presented to a vast number of students on how they can improve their learning and study habits. His messages were clear and very entertaining. He spoke about how we learn and how we remember and the difference between the two. Simple tasks undertaken on a regular basis can improve memory by quite staggering amounts.

Darren kindly gave free access to material on his website to students.

Please contact either of the Year 12 Coordinators in Ms Jemma Burr or Mr Daniel Fanning for further information.


Student Learning Conferences 

Student Learning Conferences will be held on Thursday, 7th September for Year 10 and 11 students and parents. They will begin at 10am and it will be a student-free day at Senior School. An email will be sent to families on Monday with further details and information. 

Terms Notice                                         

Just a reminder that if your family is relocating and/or your children will not be attending Christian College in 2018, a full term’s notice, in writing, is required to ensure you are not charged Term 1, 2018 fees. 


Dairy Pathways Option

Please click here for a brochure on the 2017 Dairy Innovation Program. This is a program that will be run over the upcoming holidays. Two students from Christian College participated last year and benefited greatly from this experience. It is always good to try something different! 

Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School 


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