Respectful Relationships Week

Senior School students were presented with an opportunity last week to consider a range of factors that can influence both our relationships with others and with ourselves. 

Opportunities to take time to think about the way we treat relationships, as well as some of the issues surrounding our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Carla Scott from the Responsible Gambling Foundation brought the message that for every problem gambler seven relationships are impacted. 

She also shared the facts about the exposure to gambling our youth are subject to, and the statistics regarding the odds of winning. Students were surprised to learn that they were statistically more likely to become a Hollywood movie star than win tattslotto. They were also shocked by the current statistics that show Geelong loses around $111 million a year to pokie machines. Students were given advice and resources and the 23rd to 29th September we will see Responsible Gambling Awareness week advertised in Victoria.

Dr JP Darby spent time with our students and presented on the very serious and relevant subject of student stress and anxiety. Dr Darby brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to his presentation and students were provided with strategies and advice to help them identify and deal with stressful situations. With good sleep habits and a reminder to breathe deeply were great take-home messages.

On the issue of body image and acceptance, the Embrace movie was offered as a free screening for families. This movie looked at the impact of the media on a person’s sense of wellbeing, as well as an honest look at how we can allow the perceptions of others to influence our love and acceptance of ourselves. The movie highlighted the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a respect for the awesome ability of our bodies to sustain us. It brought attention to the issue of body diversity and ultimately it aimed to inspire a sense of hope, as opposed to the hopelessness so often portrayed through advertising, diets and negative body messages.

Whether or not your son or daughter came to all or just some of these sessions, our hope is that we have started a conversation about healthy and positive relationships. This is just the beginning of the journey we desire to take with our senior students as they discover themselves, as they grow their understanding and acceptance of others, and as they embark on their life and purpose as young adults.

Resources from all presentations are available from the Student Office. Or you prefer to use the following links to blogs or websites.

Gambling support for youth:

Body Image Movement:

Embrace Movie available on click view to all students or loaned from the Library for families.

Dr JP Darby – links to a variety of resources:

Also, Alexandra Caldow of Year 12, the happy recipient of the 'Respectful Relationships' participation gift.


Mrs Dianne Martin

Deputy Head of Senior School


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