Project Care Day - Compassion Australia

Today Christian College Bellarine welcomed our newest member to our Campus community.

As part of Compassion Australia, we are sponsoring a young boy from Indonesia. His name is Jonothan, or as he prefers to be called Jojo. It has been exciting over the past week to be able to introduce our students to Jojo and for them to be able to discuss and plan the ways they would like to help him in the coming months. Jojo is 8 years old and lives in Pandegliling. He lives with his parents and he has one sibling.

Today was a fabulous day for our students to be able to see how they can support our sponsor child and help him gain access to things that we take for granted everyday. Each year, we will be providing Jojo with the sponsorship of $576. However, as a Campus community, it is our aim that we will be able to provide him with a birthday gift as well as something special at Christmas.

The homerooms have set themselves a task to raise enough money to cover our annual sponsorship and then raise enough money to provide Jojo with some extra things. As a Campus, we were able to raise over $1500 for Jojo. This is such an amazing total, as that is over $900 in excess of our annual sponsorship.

We are going to be able to support Jojo and his family in so many ways. This will be able to go towards buying his family additional things, including items needed for their home and animals - including chickens, goats and even a cow. We will also be able to help provide schooling and vocational training.

I am so very proud of our community here at Christian College and the way that our students are always so enthusiastic to help others. This total of our Project Care Day is so very humbling. We will be encouraging the students to write letters and get to know Jojo over the year. This is a wonderful way for our children to learn to see the way other people live and to show empathy to others.

We are very excited to have taken on this endeavour as a Project Care initiative and we are very excited to watch Jojo grow and to see how we are able to support him, his family and his community.

Claire Deretic and the Project Care team.


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