BANG! CRASH! RUMBLE! 1G Caught in a Thunderstorm!

Year 1 have been looking at extreme weather as a part of their ‘Our Wonder World’ Integrated Studies unit.

The students are becoming enthusiastic weather reporters through their descriptive texts in writing and role playing during ‘Investigations’. They have enjoyed constructing their own camera and images for the weather map and then pretending to be weather reporters or the camera man/woman. We read the book ‘The Flood’ by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley, which helped us learn about the use of similes and metaphors.

‘Raindance’ by Cathy Applegate and Dee Huxley was another text we read that gave us ideas for describing the feeling of rain. It was great to see the students transferring these ideas and turning them into their own. Students worked on creating a weather report for a thunderstorm. We listened to sounds of a thunderstorm to assist in formulating a detailed description of what a thunderstorm looks like, sounds like and feels like.  

Zara described what a thunderstorm looks like: “The clouds are as dark as shadows.”
“Thunder sounds like crashing trees,” wrote James.
Isabelle described the rain as: “an army of little raindrops.”

Students were engaged and passionate as they wrote their weather report and then presented them to the class. It was a great opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills and use the ‘resourcefulness' learning muscle by using their imagination, as they took on the weather reporter role. Students were making links in their learning as they referred to the types of clouds we have been learning about and incorporated this into their weather report.

The Year 1s are certainly becoming weather enthusiasts!

Jamie-Lee Lobbe

Year 1 Teacher


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