Cyber Cats Safety Program Excursion

This week a group of students from Year 7 went along to Simonds Stadium to participate in a 'Cyber Safety Learning Day', organised and run by Headspace, in conjunction with the Geelong Cats and Barwon Child, Youth and Family.

Students shared their own knowledge about cyber safety, and specifically cyber bullying, as well as the use of social media - before learning from the experts about all of these topics. They explored the impacts of behaviour online and heard from a police officer, who spoke about the laws around cyber bullying. Later in the day, students used this knowledge to create a video on a specific topic of cyber safety, which they will then share with the wider peer group.

It was a great day of learning for the Year 7s and they all developed their understanding of the cyber world, learning that behaviour online should match behaviour in the real, physical world.

Nicola Morrish
Year 7 and 8 Coordinator


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