Japanese Year 9 Cultural Excursion to Melbourne






We went to a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne by train. It was lots of fun. I ate ramen. It was very delicious. Before lunch at the Japanese Consulate we learnt about Japanese culture. It was very interesting. And we went to Daiso. I bought calligraphy brushes and ink and chopsticks.

Japanese Excursion translated by Khin Khin Sumon 

“Wednesday was really great. Even though I don’t like travelling by train that much, I still went and WOW! It was fantastic! The Japanese Consulate was very informative and interesting, I really enjoyed that. I also liked shopping at Daiso shop because everything was $2.80 and I felt like I was in Japan shopping. It was very exciting for me. My most favourite part was eating ramen. I was dreaming of eating ramen before I came to Christian College and so this was a dream come true for me. I still can’t believe it. It was very delicious and I had a lot so, even though I love it very much, I still couldn't finish it all. I was able to say thank you and goodbye to some of the Japanese workers the restaurant. That day was the best day of my life. I really wish I could go again I when I’m older. I want to take my family and friends to the Japanese restaurant Ajisen and also to the Daiso shop. BEST DAY EVER!”

By Khin Khin Sumon 


The Year 9 Japanese students were lucky enough to spend the day in Melbourne, looking in-depth and experiencing the Japanese culture. In our classes, we had the opportunity to shop at Daiso, which is a Japanese convenience store. After this, we visited the Japanese Consulate, where we listened to a presentation by an expert. As she presented, she kept referring back to a point  made at the beginning, where the presenter related the Japanese culture to an iceberg. The things we see, hear or experience, such as the food, the clothing and the language are all the tip of the iceberg. But as we watched a few videos and discussed some points, we were able to spot things below the surface; the cultural respect, the ethics, like working hard and the expectation of cleanliness. Afterwards we were treated to a Japanese lunch, which was delicious. Overall, the day was informative and fun, and I feel very grateful to have gone.

By Molly England

On Wednesday, all of the Year 9 Japanese students went on an excursion to Melbourne to discover the Japanese culture. It was an enriching experience for all as we learnt so much about the culture and the ways of the Japanese people. When we arrived at Southern Cross Station, we split into two groups. One group went to the Japanese Consulate to further study the culture of Japan while the other group travelled to the Daiso store on Bourke Street to buy Japanese items like pencils and Japanese snacks. At the General Consultate of Japan, we learnt the many different ways of Japanese arts and the depth of Japan culture. Everyone regrouped at the Ajisen restaurant at the Melbourne Central station. There were many meals to choose from  - chicken fried rice to chicken ramen, the variety of meals were spectacular! I think everyone enjoyed their experiences on the excursion and got something out of it. If you want to know more about the culture and society of Japan, I strongly recommended this excursion. So keep studying Japanese everyone. ありがとうございました!

By Max Hyde


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