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James Grigsby Year 12

My chosen career path is to be an Electrician as I have always been interested in this as a job. I go to The Gordon each Wednesday afternoon to study VET Certificate II in Electro Technology. I have studied this course for two years as part of my Year 11 and 12 VCAL. It is helping me work towards my career by taking time off my future apprenticeship when I leave school. At VET, I learn theory and practical exercises regarding working in the electrician trade. An example of how I have been able to apply what I have learned at VET to my work placement is when I learnt how to use a mega at The Gordon. We use these while testing and tagging on the job site all the time. I work for Allan Voss and his daughter Tammy (an ex-student and an almost-trained Electrician) at TTS Electrics in North Geelong. A real highlight of my work placement this year has been that I got to work at the MCG in Melbourne over several weeks. Testing and tagging the MCG allowed me to see areas of the stadium that I would not normally get access to and seeing things like players rooms and coaches' boxes. A typical Friday work placement day for me involves waking up at 6:30am, going to a job like Burwood Deakin to test and tag, then home by 3.30pm.

James’ advice is if you choose to be an Electrician, you need to be up for the challenges it brings with it.


Mrs Kerryn Fearnsides

VET/VCAL Coordinator






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