Year 7 Diversity Day

On Monday, every Year 7 student took part in Diversity Day.

The day featured a guest speaker, some educational videos and a hands-on session. The guest speaker was Mrs Lesley DeNoronha. She shared with the students her amazing story of how she had to handle discrimination from an early age, based on her race, colour and gender.

The students had the opportunity to ask her questions and learn more about the obvious and subtle forms of discrimination and prejudicial behaviour she had to face. The students viewed some short clips from Beyond Blue that highlighted prejudicial behaviour in our country and how it can make people feel.

The students took all they have learnt into a hands-on session where they worked in groups to plan their own video or poster that addresses the unacceptable prejudicial behaviour that can occur in our community and what they would like to see change.

Andy Davies

Homeroom Teacher



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