Japanese Exchange Programs Update

NAGA High School Visit

The NAGA High School group got home safely. The highlight of the trip was visiting all the different campuses and making friends with Christian College students. We would like to thank all of the host families for their generosity and hospitality and the Christian College staff members who helped organise fun activities for the group. We are looking forward to seeing them in our next Japan Trip in 2018.

International Conference in Japan

Clare Jarecki won a scholarship to go to Japan for seven days and attended the International Conference as a representative of Australia. Clare made a presentation about global issues confidently in front of a big audience from more than 20 countries. Congratulations on her effort as an International Ambassador for Christian College and Australia.     

State-wide Japanese Speech Contest in Melbourne

Isla Ritchie participated in the state-wide Japanese Speech Contest in Melbourne last Sunday. She spoke very fluently and we would like to thank her for participating in this competition.

Long-Term Exchange to Japan

Year 10 students, Alyssa Jones, Elizabeth Andueza-Mossop and Paige Elliot, are all leaving for Japan in two weeks for a five-month exchange trip. They will be attending NAGA High School and will experience real life in Japan with host families.


Mr Yuji Nakayama

Head of Japanese and Exchanges



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