From the Head of Campus

Dear Parents and Families,

I pray that this finds you well during our cold and flu season!

It is always a delight to share in events with students, staff and families that unite us in 'Community' across our Campus and across the wider College. The Choral evening at St Mary’s, our Book Week Parade, the Vietnam Veterans' Service at Middle School, Naga High School visits across the Campuses, Year 3 Animation Celebration and the Japanese Speaking Competition are just a few of the 'Community' happenings during the past couple of weeks.

The environment of community that exists at the Junior School Campus is a unique and precious one that, as staff, students and families, we share. I have the privilege of sharing this sense of community with those who are visiting or new to our school.

In doing so, I am constantly reminded that our community is something we work hard for, and at, to the Glory of God. I am reminded of the words in Hebrews 10:24 that, as a community, we are to “consider how to motivate one another to love and do good deeds”.

I pray that, as a community, we continue to come together in times of challenge and in times of celebration with support, service and love for one another.

God Bless


Ann-Marree Weigl


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