Tree Planting - Year 9

We waited for the Year 9 boys to return from their Back Creek Rural experience so they could share their farming skills with the Junior School students on Wednesday.

It was cloudy and blustery, but that didn’t hamper the enthusiasm of students from Years Prep, 1 and 4 to buddy up with the Year 8 and 9 students. A collection of 150 plants were donated from Bellarine Landcare Nursery and all of these trees and grasses were successfully planted by many small hands.

Students were encouraged to think about digging a hole deep enough for the roots, to carefully guard the plants against rabbits, students and wind; and to mulch the plants well in order to deter weeds and encourage moisture retention around every new plant.

Comments from the students were very positive, with the Year 4s suggesting it was the highlight of their day. The fun and friendly atmosphere, the freedom of working outside and knowing the efforts were for a very tangible and authentic purpose, all helped shape these positive thoughts.

Students know they are very much a part of shaping the environment around the Campus property, and enhancing the green corridor for small birds and animals. Our students have been contributing to tree planting for over 10 years, and the older trees now provide a real showpiece and wind break.

A big thank you must go to the ground staff team, who helped on the day and also in preparation for the day. May the tree planting legacy continue into the future!

Deb SIngleton
Science Coordinator



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