Maths 'Escape Room' Excursion - Year 9

On August 17, all of the Year 9 girls at the Bellarine Campus went to the old Geelong gaol to take part in a modified Maths 'Escape Room', where we were able to apply our learning of linear equations in a real-life situation.

The purpose of the activity was to use our knowledge of linear equations and our problem solving skills outside of the classroom. The aim was to use teamwork to find codes, open locks and get out as much treasure from inside the cells as possible, within a 45-minute time period. This was our first ever trial doing something like this and our first Maths excursion. It was a change from using a textbook, that's for sure!

This activity not only focused on the application of our Maths abilities, but also our teamwork  - as the whole cohort had to work together in order to find the codes and open up the locks. The exercise was thrilling, as we had to rush to open the doors while under pressure the whole time.

In the end, we ended up opening all the doors with 1:37 minutes left. We were all rushing with adrenaline, kicking the doors open and grabbing the contents and overall it was an amazing experience.

We would like to thank Mr Hatswell for putting all the hard work and effort into making this real and making this fun for us. We would also like to thank Andrew and Grace from Escape Rooms Geelong for collaborating with Mr Hatswell to make this experience possible for us.

Johanna Hall
School Captain – Bellarine Campus


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