Elective Expo!

A reminder for our current Year 6, 7 and 8 students and families to attend our 'Elective Expo Evening' on Wednesday, 30th August from 4pm to 6pm.

This event will be held in the Sports and Aquatic Centre at our Middle School Highton Campus. We are pleased to invite you to take up this wonderful opportunity to view all of the elective pathways, chatting with and asking questions of our specialist staff.

Please find attached the Elective Information Booklets and Elective Selection documents pertinent to each year level. We encourage you to pre-read these documents and begin discussions with your child about the ranking of their subject choices. The platform for subject selection will be open via the Student Portal from 3:30pm on 30th August through to Monday, 4th September, 8:00am.

Existing students are to access the Student Portal, select the ‘Elective Selection’ tile and enter subject preferences.

Additional information for our Current Year 8 students and families: 

To coincide, support and enrich the changes to the experiential program for Year 9s in 2018, we have also planned and developed significant changes to the Year 9 Elective program. As well as providing new and engaging elective subjects, we have also initiated Term based Elective studies for Year 9 students. The benefits and logistics of this will be unpacked within the Back Creek Information session, however we want you to be aware of this particular change as you explore the Elective Expo prior to the session.


Mr Tony Costa

Head of Campus



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