Back Creek Information Session - Current Year 8 Students and Families

To our current Year 8 students and families, we will be holding our Back Creek Information Session on Wednesday, 30th August from 6pm to 7pm, directly following the 'Elective Expo'.

During this information session, we will also be outlining some exciting changes that are planned for 2018 and beyond, to further expand and enrich the experiential opportunities for our Year 9 students! 

To coincide, support and enrich this opportunity - we have planned and developed significant changes to the Year 9 Elective program for 2018. Alongside providing new and engaging elective subjects, we have also initiated Term-based elective studies for Year 9 students.

The benefits and logistics of this will be unpacked within this Information Session, however we want you to be aware of this particular change as you explore the Elective Expo prior to the session.

Updated elective offerings and accompanying outline can be found in the attached Elective booklets.

Kind regards


Mr Tony Costa

Head of Campus


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