ICT and Digital Technologies

"It's not so much about what jobs we will do, but how will we do our jobs, because automation isn't going to affect some workers, but ... every worker." – Andrew Charlton, economist and director of economics and strategy consulting firm, AlphaBeta.

Our current students will need to be adaptable, resourceful and confident with digital systems to thrive and influence the world positively. Across the College, the focus on Building Learning Power helps students develop appropriate dispositions to meet many of these challenges.

The relatively new Digital Technologies Curriculum, part of the Australian Curriculum, seeks to address the development of knowledge, skills, processes and ways of thinking that will be vital for our children in years to come. This curriculum is intended to provide opportunities for students to build understanding and skills that are future-proof and can be applied to any digital context.

Currently in our core ICT classes from Prep to Year 7, we are leading the implementation of the new Digital Technologies Curriculum across the College and providing rich opportunities for students to develop their understanding of digital systems, problem solving, design, data and coding.

Rather than focussing solely on learning to use a specific software tool that may become obsolete very quickly, students in ICT classes are developing their understanding of how digital systems work and how they can develop, adapt and program them. Meanwhile, across learning areas, students are continuing to develop their skills in using ICT competently and ethically to communicate, collaborate and create.

If you have questions about ICT and Digital Technologies, you’re invited to come for a chat at the Digital Technologies booth at the upcoming Bellarine and Highton elective expos.

Parents wishing to learn more about the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, including resources to support their child’s development in this area in the home context, will find the section for Families on the Digital Technologies Hub website a valuable resource.

Brendan Vanderkley
Head of LITEhouse - ICT


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