The Seed That Grew...A Glimpse Into Investigations In Year One

Enter the world of Investigations. Witness the learning that takes place. Watch it grow from a tiny seed into a spreading oak.

In the dramatic play area a group of year 1 students decide to set up a good news station and include weather reports.

(a link to the Integrated Studies unit ‘Our Wonder World’)

 One small seed

‘Let’s add some news, some good news…’  

The seed grew

‘Who will we need? News presenters, reporters, photographers, people to interview…’

The seed grew bigger

‘What will we call our news station? How will we find good news stories? What questions will we ask?’

The seed began to sprout

‘How will we set up the newsroom? What will we wear? Who will write the script?

What did I witness?

I saw a group of six children collaborate together, raising questions, making suggestions and provoking each other into new areas of learning. They were expanding the boundaries of their thinking and working together to develop one small idea into a big venture.

I saw their enthusiasm, their interactions and encouragement of each other. There were no arguments, no one taking over, no one left out. Instead, there was confirmation, collaboration, resourcefulness and creativity.

Investigations is open ended, it is linked to the learning intentions in the classroom and it allows the children to explore possibilities that stretch them into new areas.

Liz Marsland

Year 1R Teacher


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