VCAL Student of the Week

Year 12 Matthew Richardson

My chosen career path is to be a Musician and a Sound Engineer when I do not have any performances on. I have always loved playing music and I have been surrounded by performing people all of my life. The VET course I study as part of my VCAL program is helping me work towards my career. It teaches me how to perform essential tasks with mixing a live performing band and editing studio tracks to make them sound as smooth as possible. I learn about the technical and physical side of setting up stages and the sound and lighting of gigs. I learn how to make sure the bands are sounding as good as they possibly can using little tricks of the trade. I have been able to apply what I have learned from VET at work placement with the Christian College Music Department. I set up sound equipment for school events and even control the sound for a live band. The highlight of my work placement is being able to set up a sound system for a band and to listen to them perform using my setup. A typical workday for me involves setting up speakers and microphones. I then connect them to a mixing desk that is set up at the back of either the audience or venue so that we can monitor any disturbances in the force. I now know many different techniques to change the sound of a band and the track that they have recorded.

Mrs Kerryn Fearnsides

VET/VCAL Coordinator


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