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At the beginning of Term 3, Elliot Kelly joined the PE/Health and Maths faculty as part of his final teaching placement. The students have benefited greatly from his energy and enthusiasm and I have been impressed with his desire to bring movement to the Maths classroom. Unit 2 General Maths classes have started revising for their upcoming assessment, and Elliot created an engaging activity that required students to work collaboratively to solve a sequence of questions. Research shows that many students experience ‘Maths anxiety’, so creating a positive environment is essential for building students’ confidence and decreasing any stress they may associate with studying Maths.

‘Being a Maths/PE teacher from RMIT we are told how important it is to get students involved and engaged in the classroom to maximize learning. How a teacher does this is up to the imagination. On Tuesday Ms. Prkye’s General Maths class were involved in the active ‘Math’s Maze’ activity in the Gymnasium as a review of their recently completed Number Pattern topic. Students had to pair up and answer a series of questions in order to escape the maze. What ensued over the next 30 minutes was nothing short of exciting. Some pairs were frenetically running here and there within the gymnasium, answering questions at a pace they didn’t know they could to try and become the first pair to escape the maze. Other pairs they chose the less stressful route of completing the maze at their own pace. Overall the students had a lot of fun doing their Math’s, which I noted from the large number of them saying “thank you.”’

Mr Elliot Kelly - RMIT pre-service teacher 

Ms Celeste Pryke

Maths Teacher


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