Who Is My Neighbour?

In Year One we have been exploring the question of ‘Who is my neighbour?’ through the parable of The Good Samaritan. This is a familiar story and we have been having many insightful discussions during morning Devotions and Christian Education about what Jesus wanted to teach us with this parable. We have been making meaningful connections to how we can do ‘good works’ and use the special and unique gifts that God has given  us to be more like the Good Samaritan. During our Christian Education lessons we have been making our own story bags to help us to retell the parable. Students will be bringing these home to share with their families and they are very proud of their creations. Students have been encouraged to ask ‘Who are our neighbours?’ at home to start a discussion with their families and to retell the story. This is an exciting extension of their learning and an opportunity to share their understandings with their families.

Anna Daley

Year 1M Teacher


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