Principal's Blog- The Importance of Quality Family Time

There have been many studies and media reports about the busy nature of family life of our era. Some of these outline the lack of quality time spent together at the dinner table and the decline of the traditional conversations and interactions that took place in the past.
Many of these commentaries refer to the increased reliance upon pre-packaged meals, fast food, meals consumed in front of the television and the invasion of personal devices at meal times.
Our College is keen to encourage and support our families to enjoy positive relationships, healthy lifestyles and quality family time together. This is not easy when there are so many competing forces for our time. 
Part of the research undertaken at Harvard Graduate School of Education in Boston by the Project Zero team produced the 'Family Dinner Project', as a resource for families to use to encourage positive and healthy evening meal times.

The Family Dinner Project

The Family Dinner Project provides strategies and practical tips to help us understand the following:
· The Importance of Eating Together
· Finding Time
· Food and Cooking
· Tips for Conversation
· Games and Activity Ideas
· Common Dinnertime Challenges

CLICK HERE to access the program which offers families a free online 4-week program that sends tips, meal ideas, recipes and guidelines to assist families to benefit from the time spent at dinner tables.

Benefits for our Students

One of the benefits I see for families that spend this quality time together is for family members to talk about their day, share what is going on in each members life and to take time to slow down and listen to each other.
I know that many families already do this and protect the quality time spent at the dinner table. However, I am also aware of the busyness that some families encounter balancing the many areas of family life such as the sporting, music and other commitments of our students, as well as the other demands of family life.
We know from research that students benefit greatly from the connection that they experience between their school life and home life. In sharing this project with you, I hope that it might be of support to some of our families to learn more about what our students are doing at school and find meaningful ways to connect with what is taking place in the lives of your children.

CLICK HERE to view a video outlining how Family Dinners improve overall health.

I would appreciate feedback from any families that decide to register to trial the 4 week program. These can be forwarded to me at
As I prepare to head back to Harvard tomorrow to continue my work with Principals from other Victorian Independent Schools supported by ISV, I am most grateful to have time to seek further opportunities to lead our College in providing, ‘The Learning That Matters’.

I wish you all well for the remainder of the term.

Glen McKeeman


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