Christian Education - Aged Care Visit - Year 8

As part of the Christian Education program, our Year 8 students had a rich afternoon of music and fellowship at the Drysdale Grove Aged care home this week. The students had the opportunity to showcase their musical skills and put on a concert for the elderly. Students mingled with the residents, asking questions about their life and seeking words of wisdom. Students received a wealth of valuable advice from the residents, telling them to “no matter what happens in your life, be yourself” and “make the most of your life because you only live once”.

Students and residents were equally blessed by the experience with students coming away from the experience commenting that it was really interesting to hear about the resident’s life and asking to go back and visit their new friends soon.

It was a great afternoon, rich in learning for both the students and residents. The staff commented how kind, compassionate and well spoken our students were. It was fantastic to see our students shine and make new friends with the elderly members of the community.

Rebecca Barry & Gary Crole
Christian Education Teachers


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