Science Week - Year 8 Body Systems - Dissection

Body Systems in Year 8 Science is always an exciting topic. Some individuals find it difficult to stomach (pun intended), while others relish the tangle of intestines and love getting up to their elbows in sheep rumen. It’s always surprising to the students view the different patterns of the various gut linings examined. Even though some students are reviled by the bile, they do appreciate the benefit of real hands on learning. The lung inflation highlighted the incredible capacity they can increase to; and the way a spot was allowed for the heart to fit in. Lastly, as the students were dissecting the heart, they could actually follow the blood flow path by poking their fingers into the aorta and pulmonary artery. All chambers were identified and at least the heart dissection did not smell! The heart and lungs were probably the favourite dissections for the topic.

Deb Singleton
Science Coordinator


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