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Parent Teacher Conferences

We held our Year 10 and 11 Student Conferences this week and it was an excellent day. We had large numbers of parents and guardians conversing with teachers. Our College prides itself on the strong relationships developed between students and teachers, but we also feel we have strong relationships with our parent community.

We thank the parents and guardians for taking time to speak with our staff. Staff receive valuable information that enables them to teach more effectively.


Year 10 'Our World' Alcoota

Some very excited Year 10 students departed for Alcoota on Wednesday morning. They will be spending time in Central Australia and will be returning on Sunday, 17th Septebmer. We hope they have a wonderful trip.


Year 11 'Our World' Cambodia

Next Thursday our Year 11 students will depart with Ms Celeste Pryke and Mr Damian Stephenson for Cambodia. We are so fortunate to have such a program and to have staff who are able to lead these trips.

The students will be faced with some challenging aspects and they will have the support to work their way through it. Having spoken to many students who have returned, the common aspect is: “This trip has changed me”.

I am at a loss to think of another example of a learning opportunity that might have such an effect. This focuses our students and enables them to see things through another lens. The diversity of Our World is brought into a sharper focus, allowing our students to reflect.

We wish them a safe and exciting time.


What is the role of thinking in Education?

Our education system has changed greatly in the past decade. Technology is the obvious change, but the less-overt change is how we teach and learn. The movement here is that it is less about the content and more about the skills; less about the ‘what’ and more about the ‘how’. 

Thinking is something that few do well. To reflect and think through a problem aids more effective learning. When confronted with a problem, students often immediately ask for help or the answer. Good teaching deflects it back on to the student for them to think their way through. There is an increasing attitude of our young for the answer “right now”.

The 'immediate' generation!

Please bring up in a family conversation the benefits of thinking and deep thinking.


Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School 


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