Love Your Sister

Love Your Sister

During the week of Monday, 11th September to Friday, 15th September, our College will be actively supporting the 'Love Your Sister' Foundation.

We encourage students to wear a small pink accessory (ribbon, watch, bracelet, etc) to raise awareness for early detection, and make coin donations for cancer research. 

Alongside raising funds and much needed awareness of Breast Cancer and its impact on many women and families, we are encouraging all of our students (and teachers!) to recognise significant women in their lives - Sisters, Mums, Aunties and Grandmothers during next week. We will be sharing devotions and stories about our significant women, whilst discussing ways in which we can acknowledge their positive impact in our lives. 

Samuel and Connie Johnson created the ‘Love Your Sister’ Foundation to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of regular check-ups for women. Connie, alongside her ‘celebrity’ brother, spanned the country with this firm message after Connie was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After being misdiagnosed for years - trusting her gut and getting a second opinion - she was correctly diagnosed. However, instead of throwing in the towel, Connie decided to fight, and fight she did.

The duo built this Foundation on this massive goal of vanquishing cancer with the aid of laughter, awareness, and science. Creating awareness and encouraging people to start talking about breast cancer is pertinent for early detection. Samuel and Connie are helping young women detect their cancer early for the best chance to beat it.

Being a well-known Australian actor, Sam has used his celebrity status to raise over $7 million in various fundraising campaigns; including riding his unicycle from Sydney to Melbourne. Every cent raised has gone to various cancer research centres across Australia.

Your donation can help! All the money raised goes directly to cancer research to find a cure.


Georgia Murdoch - Year 9G



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