Message from the Chaplain

Hi All,

I came across an interesting article this week. Certainly 'food for thought' to all of us as parents.

Have a read and see if any part of this article reflects on you.

'Weak' Parents are Raising a Generation of 'Prince Boofhead' Boys

By Patrick Wood


Weak parenting of boys is creating a generation of entitled brats who think they are owed the world and can lash out in violence when they do not get their way, adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg has said.

Mr Carr-Gregg has worked with families for three decades and said he was seeing an unmistakable increase in disrespectful and contemptuous boys who had a false belief they were flawless. He said it stemmed from boys being raised to see the world, "as one giant, personalised, all-singing, all-dancing, 24/7 catering service exclusively for them".

"I do lay [responsibility] at the feet of parents," he told News Breakfast.

"I know that's not a popular thing to do and people will call me a parent-basher but parents are actually becoming, in my view, weaker than ever before."

Here are some tips for raising empathetic boys

- Show your son that you love him whether he succeeds or fails.
- Let your boys experience adversity.
- Foster a relationship with a supportive, charismatic adult.
- Let him take responsibility for his contribution to disappointing outcomes.
- Be your own hero. Don't live vicariously through your son.
- Never put up with intimidating or violent behaviour: even if it seems trivial!

Anyway, happy parenting and I pray for every protection and blessing upon our beautiful children!


Gary Crole
Bellarine Campus Chaplain 


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