Mystery Box Comes to Life in the Library

For the past week we have been looking at the large mysterious, box-like machine in the Library.

There have been many questions and interesting comments made about its purpose. On Wednesday, the mystery was solved with the unveiling of the new 3D printer in the Junior School Library.

Amid great excitement and anticipation, Mr Antony Benson, Director of Art, showed us some examples he had already made and then demonstrated how to print objects in 3D. He talked about being able to make objects that have a valid use or purpose and printed a lid for a whiteboard marker.  

The Junior School is very pleased to be keeping pace with the latest technology that provides our students with contemporary learning opportunities. The new Digital Technologies Curriculum encourages us to provide diverse opportunities for our students, and we are very proud of the breadth of curriculum available at the Junior School.


Helen Kreeck

Teacher Librarian


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