Prep Bakery Comes To Life - From The Parents' Perspective

Here at the Junior School Campus we enjoy receiving positive feedback, especially stories of our students taking their 'good work' into the community...


From Junior School parents Danna and Andrew

Just a little feedback from a weekend event that warmed my heart and is a beautiful reflection of the environment of learning and compassion in your classroom!

Bella had Stella over for a play date and they decided to make cupcakes and lemonade from some lemons passed over the fence by a neighbour. They did such a beautiful job of decorating them that they asked to set up a cupcake and lemonade stall, and insisted on writing out a menu, price setting and careful presentation. It was very much like the beautiful little 'Prep Bakery' you have made in your room.

Business was slow at the start, but when we relocated to the roundabout at the end of the street, things picked up considerably. They were so sweet and polite, counting the money and working out the change for their customers.  At closing time they had made a whopping $31.70! (I did think prices were a bit high but they insisted on the market rate!)

I made no mention to the girls about what to do with the money, but Stella immediately suggested donating it to a children's hospital ('Project Care' influence, no doubt). They then discussed this a little further and settled on "poor children in Africa" as the recipients. I'm sure at that age I would have been off to the movies instead!

Bella's godmother works with the Bushikori orphanage in Uganda, and offered to send the money across for their Christmas appeal. She notified one of the Buskikori executive who was so impressed by their efforts that he pledged a further $31.70 to match their donation. The money will be used to buy food for the children and their families at Christmas time.

We just love the way you have inspired and nurtured the hearts of our little Preps, and also taught them in such a fun way!  


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