Girl Love – September 14th

Just a reminder that next week, on Thursday, 14th September, the ‘Girl Love’ event will be held in the SAC at Middle School Highton.

This event has been planned and will be hosted by the female Prefects, as a way of strengthening friendships between the girls of the Campus and promoting the idea that girls don’t have to constantly compete with one another – but can instead help build each other up.

The focus of the event will be around some of the issues that face girls today – such as dealing with friendship changes, media influences, tackling body image, but also how strong and beautiful women are – and how much better we become when we support other women.

The event will include games and activities to promote community, hands-on workshops like cupcake decorating, martial arts and sport. There will also be a panel of guest speakers, including Vixens netballer Tegan Philip and, just for the Year 7’s, 8’s and 9’s, a sleep over in the SAC.

This event will take place from lunchtime onwards, with the Year 5’s, Year 6’s and anyone not staying the night, leaving at the end of the school day. The others will stay the night for more activities and speakers, and will go to school as normal the next day.

Information in brief

All meals and dietary requirements (as long as it is in your medical information) will be catered for.

On Thursday, students will receive afternoon tea and dinner.

On Friday, breakfast, morning tea and a BBQ lunch will be supplied with no cost if you stayed the night. Year 7 students will all be going to the Bellarine Campus as part of their current program and will have lunch supplied there.

  • Showers will be available to all girls, either in the evening on the Thursday or Friday morning.
  • Students will have a charging station available for them for their devices overnight.
  • Students are to wear full Winter Uniform or PE Uniform (as per their timetable) on Thursday and Friday. They are invited to bring casual clothes for the overnight component of the event, as there will be some sporting activities. Runners will be required.
  • The event will be well-supported by female staff, who will be staying overnight and assisting the Prefect group in running each component of the event.
  • This is an optional event, with only Year 7 to Year 9 female students invited for the 'Girls' Night In/sleep over component.
  • Should your child only wish to stay for the evening activities (concluding at 8.45pm) and not the sleep over, please communicate this to Mrs Renee Garing. Additionally, if your child has dietary requirements not indicated on the medical information on the portal, please inform Mrs Garing at
  • Please ensure all medical details provided are up to date and detailed, including any information pertinent to staying overnight.
  • There is no cost for this event.

What to bring:

  • Sleeping mat.
  • Sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Pyjamas.
  • A change of comfortable clothes for evening activities (must bring runners for sport activity).
  • Full Winter or Sport Uniform (as per timetable) for Friday, 15th September.
  • Toiletries, including a towel.
  • Device charger.

*Students can have a phone at the event but there will be limitations in place around their use (eg. No photographs, they will not be used during the event etc).

Isabella Lawrence 




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