Bellarine Waterwatch Monitors at Peppermint Grove

During their studies of fresh water and macroinvertebrates earlier in the year, Year 5 students learnt the skills of testing water quality through the 'Waterwatch Program' run by Barwon Water.

Since March, a regular band of Year 5 volunteers have braved the elements every month and tested the water at Peppermint Grove, a water retarding basin close to the Bellarine Campus.

On behalf of Barwon Water, the group is to be congratulated. Tane, Oscar, Alex, Caitlin, Ally and Harry have been the regulars. A full water quality report for Peppermint Grove will be available at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the students upload the data and photos onto the Waterwatch website. It is satisfying to be part of this citizen science for the community, which is providing valuable data over a long period of time.

Deb Singleton
Science Coordinator


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