Grade 5 Science: Kids Teaching Kids

On Wednesday, September 6th, a group of Year 5 students attended the Parks Victoria-run 'Kids Teaching Kids' (KTK) event at Serendip Sanctuary.

The KTK program uses local environmental issues as a theme for learning and then encourages students to investigate and present these issues to other students. Our students attended workshops run by students from other schools, and then got to present a workshop on the animals of Serendip Sanctuary to some Year 7 students from a school in Melbourne.

Our students had designed their lessons during July and August, giving up a number of lunchtimes in order to bring their ideas to fruition. The hard work paid off as they did an amazing job on the day, engaging and educating the other students - some of whom were at least two years older than they were!

Some student reflections from the day:

The purpose of the day was to extend other students' knowledge and to help us learn, too, and to teach us that everyone can make their voices heard. Most of the students we taught liked animal heads the best, but it looked like they had fun with the other activities, too. I hope they learned a lot. My favourite part of the day was getting to see all the fauna and being with my friends. I enjoyed being taught and being able to teach with students my own age. I will miss getting to do the KTK. I had loads of fun. Brianna Gibson 5R

The purpose of the day was to see and learn about all the animals and what they can do. I prepared for the day pretty well, I thought. Our activity was pretty successful, labelling the duck was pretty fun - and helping the other people, if they were struggling with labelling the duck, was fun as well. What I enjoyed the most was going on the wildlife walk at the end and learning about the dancing birds. Alexander Crawford 5M

The purpose of the day was to teach students that we can do anything that we put our minds to. We rehearsed the activities to make sure that they were good. The animal heads were really popular. I enjoyed doing the bush walk and meeting the blue-tongued lizard, bearded dragon and the Black Python. Ella Ryan 5M  


Nick Ward
Science Teacher


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