Materials and Movement Open House - Year 1

The room was buzzing as the Year 1 students displayed their learning about materials and movement through four different open-ended activities at Monday’s 'Materials and Movement' Open House.

Ping-pong balls and erasers were launched across the Music foyer as students used different materials to build a catapult and discussed how it moved. Other students collaborated with their guests to construct a car that could roll the longest off a ramp.

Building a flotation device for a character was another way the students highlighted their learning about different materials. Using the story 'Horton Hatches an Egg' as a prompt, the final activity was creating a nest that could withstand the vicious wind (a fan).

The students loved sharing their learning with the special visitors and it was truly a beautiful time of celebrating the learning that has taken place over the term with our College community.

Jessica Chakir and Melissa Smith
Year 1 Teachers


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