Morris Gleitzman Readers’ Cup

Congratulations to all Year 6 students who have participated this term in the 'Morris Gleitzman Reader’s Cup' challenge.

In addition to reading the class novel 'Boy Overboard', students were required to read multiple first chapters by the same author. In LITEhouse, students researched the author and made notes on the characters, plot and events.

Towards the end of term, classes were quizzed with the winning team going through to represent their Homeroom. Well done to 'The Wicked Readers' from 6M and the following students for their team efforts: Teneal Booth, Gay Ka Yaw Yaw, Htoo Lwe Paw Dreamer, Baxter Pullin and Christian Sollberger.

Congratulations on winning your own autographed copy of Morris Gleitzman’s newest book 'Snot Chocolate'. Happy reading all.


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