R U OK? Day at Senior School

On Thursday, 14th September, it was the national 'R U OK? Day' – a day to raise awareness of the people around us who might not be doing so well. 

At the Senior School Campus, we wanted to make sure that every part of our staff and students were ‘OK’ and so we had a focus on the three aspects of a created being – Spirit, Soul and Body. We began the day with staff and House group devotions and a guest speaker, former Head of Burrows Nick Ward, at lunch time and this was one way we sought to help staff and students to check if they were spiritually ‘OK’.

To focus on the soul, we had a more contemplative experience in the Chapel with Mr Olivier Bonnici taking listeners on a soul journey with his amazing ability to play the violin.

One of the most popular activities of the day was the 3-on-3 Basketball competition, which was run by former College Captain Liam Nankervis. Staff were also treated to a special morning tea and free massages from a team of students from the Victorian Fitness Academy! By the end of lunch, everyone was feeling ‘OK’!

It was a great day and really helpful in building community among staff and students at our Campus.


Mr Corey Bolton

Senior School Chaplain


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