Girl Love Event

The long-anticipated ‘Girl Love’ event was held this week. Girls from Years 5-9 came together after lunch on Thursday, to listen to some wonderful talks, play games (aimed to develop a sense of connectedness and respect) and enjoyed some fun and laughter, dancing together to music. It was fantastic to see our girls share in these special moments!

Once school finished, many girls attended for the remainder of the night. Here we participated in a number of workshops like cupcake decorating, martial arts and Angle Ball. Everyone rotated through the workshops called ‘sisterhoods’ – groups which consisted of people from all year levels. This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with older/younger students, whilst providing a platform for mentoring and genuine relationship building.

At the end of the night, everyone listened to our panel of guest speakers; Ms. Katie Rowe (ex-College Captain), Mrs. Renee Garing (Teacher and Geelong VFLW footballer) and Tegan Philip (Australian and Melbourne Vixens Netballer), who gave some great advice that the girls could take away from the event and use in the future. Our message of 'Girl Love', supporting and encouraging each other, building each other up and not tearing each other down, was a well received and powerful aspect of our event.

Without the input and contributions from students, staff and parents this amazing night wouldn’t have happened.  On behalf of the Prefect team, we’d like to say a very sincere thankyou to every single person who assisted. The event wouldn’t be possible without all the lovely girls who came. Your enthusiasm and teamwork was wonderful to see. It really made the night one to remember. Let's take our 'Girl Love' empowerment into next week and beyond!


Isabella Lawrence, Neve Foster and Livvy Chadwick

Year 9 Prefects


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