Love Your Sister Week – Monday 11th to Friday 15th

This week we have raised awareness for the Love Your Sister Foundation.

As well as raising funds, we have raised awareness of the importance of early detection, and the impact that breast cancer has on many women and families. During the week the students have focused on the Foundation, and celebrated all the influential women in their lives.

Through informative and positive messages we encouraged students to show the love they have for the women in their lives. During the week, each Homeroom has created a visual display to celebrate the amazing women they admire. The creative displays range from posters to sculptures, which all show the love for our sisters both inside and beyond the College community. The students have shown such support for each other, the Foundation, and acknowledging the strong women around them.

The students involved in planning and making this week a success include:

Naomi Chang (9Y), Georgia Murdoch (9G), Bethany Morrison (5B) and Fane Vaitohi (5R)

These students who were involved in planning the week are fantastic. Being hard working, well organised, and self-motivated, the week was a major success in raising awareness and funds for Love Your Sister. From creating and organising promotional posters, pink ribbons, and devotions, these students have shown they are also amazing and inspirational young women themselves.

During the 'Girl Love' event on Thursday, the students decorated over 150 cupcakes, which were then sold during Friday lunchtime to raise money for Love Your Sister. The tally from  the donations during the week and the money from selling of the cupcakes amounted to $264.60.  All the money raised will be donated to help fund cancer research. 

I would like to thank all parents, students, and staff involved in the week and those who have donated to this worthy cause which affects us all. Amid our hectic lives, it has been a week to just slow down and thank each woman in our community.


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