Connecting With Our Youngest Learners

This week we were fortunate enough to host our Williams House Kindergarten 'Bilby' and 'Koala' groups for a special excursion.

The Kinder students were challenged and stretched to follow instructions and try new things, while working on developing listening, balancing and gross motor skills - not to mention the excitement towards building their emerging 'tug of war' skills!

Most remarkable were some of our Year 9 Prefects who had the opportunity to connect with the Kinder children, helping, supporting and encouraging the Koalas and Bilby groups as they moved around each activity station. The manner in which our Middle School students connected, engaged and communicated with these four and five-year olds was simply outstanding. They are wonderful young leaders we are very proud of.

This excursion provided a fantastic opportunity for further connection between our Middle School students and our Williams House Kindergarten students, strengthening our broader Christian College community in a fun and engaging way.


Mr Tony Costa

Head of Campus


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