The First Music Camp Experience For Many Junior School Musicians

For Ella Robinson in Year 4, the annual Christian College Music Camp was a new thing.

It was lovely to hear about Ella's experience at Camp and her excitement about attending again next year.

Ella's Music Camp Experience: 

I thought Music Camp would be spent mostly playing music, but it ended up having breaks and we got to perform to each other. I felt really happy I was going because I got to go to Camp Wilkin and I went with my best friend Bella, and other friends. I was also looking forward to meeting students from other campuses.

The day began with a meeting, then sorting cabins, rehearsal, break, rehearsal, break, combined rehearsal and partying with Mr Smith. We had breakfast, lunch, dinner, breaks and game time. We also went for a big walk around Camp Wilkin, which was really enjoyable.

The best part was seeing a kangaroo with a joey in its pouch. Mrs Clarke (Year 6 Teacher) was really nice and she helped me a lot. I also made friends with Lani from Middle School Highton, who played the viola in the same group.

When we were combined we had to play 'Can-can', which was easy and hard at the same time and 'Let It Go', which was difficult. My favourite part was singing and dancing with Mr Smith and playing violin with Rebecca, Mr Bonnici, Martin and Pip. I got some great help with playing violin.

I am really looking forward to next year because I will get to learn more, meet other students and teachers and learn to play the violin even better. And I will see Rebecca, because I will be at Middle School.


Ella Robinson


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