Message from the Head of Campus

Welcome back to Term 4!

There has been a wonderful vibe across the Bellarine Campus this week. With some welcome sunshine, students and staff are refreshed having spent quality time with family and friends over the holiday break. It is evident that both students and staff are looking forward to a very full and rewarding term as we approach the end of 2017.

On Monday, the Christian College staff Worship Service was hosted by the Bellarine Campus. Our Chaplain Gary Crole shared an important and encouraging message that challenged each of us to consider our ‘passions’. Gary shared that there are many aspects of life that we are passionate about, and that is great. However, when we seek God passionately, we experience the rewards. Psalm 91:14-16 talks about the benefits of seeking God passionately. The multiple benefits include protection, long life, salvation, God being with you in times of trouble. Hebrews 11:6 talks about rewarding those who earnestly seek Him. Gary’s encouragement was that these rewards are relevant for our lives today and eternally for us to enjoy.

To open the service, the College staff were blessed by a performance of Hillsong’s 'Oceans' by an ensemble of Year 9 girls. Accompanied by Ms Sharon Huber, Rose, Meg, Jaya, Kimi and Sarah performed this song of worship with beautiful spirit, moving each of us. We are very grateful and proud of them, as it was quite a daunting task to perform for all of their teachers! I trust that you too will be uplifted by the video clip of their performance.

At our Campus assembly on Tuesday, Mr Glen McKeeman, our College Principal, brought a message of a little boy, who when faced with incredible adversity managed to find the positives - giving small gifts (e.g. plastic toys) to people passing by and in return he received smiles, hugs and often tears of joy from his recipients. Such a simple idea - but something that not only turned his life around, but also the lives of many others. Mr McKeeman’s encouragement to students was to change the way we think about negative situations, to consider simple things we can do to boost positivity and to find the good news in tough situations. Coupled with supportive messages from our College Captains, Briella Egberts and Cameron Chandler, our community is very well positioned for a wonderful term ahead.

Please continue to check the College calendar for details and dates of events but also lock in some important dates for Term 4, especially our Annual Music Evening at Costa Hall on Thursday, 19th October and also our Art, Technology and Design Extravaganza from November 17th to 22nd. Both events are a celebration of the gifts and talents of our students across the Christian College campuses and should not be missed!

Nicholas Watson
Head of Bellarine Campus


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