Year 9 Prefect and House Leadership Program 2018

An important and exciting aspect of our Middle School is that our Year 9 students become the 'senior' students on our Campus. They inherently become the leaders of the student body by being the young people that our greater student body look to for modelling the values of care, concern, respect and servanthood.

Being the leaders of the College brings with it great responsibility for all Year 9 students. However, acknowledging that each Year 9 student has an important part to play on our Campus, empowering them with this knowledge along with some practical leadership tools and understanding, we believe, is an important step in their own personal development.

Acknowledging that all our Year 9s are leaders, there is further opportunity to be formally recognised as a leader by way of Prefect and House Leadership positions. Students in these positions have specific leadership roles and responsibilities throughout the College. Below is an outline our leadership forum for all students and the process for students to apply for a leadership position in 2018.

Monday, 16th October – Leadership Forum

All Year 8 students will participate in a forum that will unpack what it is to be a leader within the College, as well as leadership qualities and examples. The specific responsibilities of Prefect and House Leadership is outlined along with the application process.

Students who wish to apply for a leadership position will receive an application form and be required to complete a personal statement as to why they believe they would make a good Prefect or House Leader.

Monday, 23rd October – Leadership Applications Due

Tuesday 24th October – Leadership Speeches

Each applicant for both Prefect and House leadership is required to present a short statement as to why they make a good candidate for leadership in each position. The presentation is presented to current Year 7 and 8 students and a panel of staff including Head of Campus, Deputy Head of Campus, Year Level Coordinator and other teaching staff.

For House Leadership, all students present preferentially vote for their respective House Leaders by way of a ballot.

Thursday 26th to Friday 27th October – Year 8 Camp

The objective of the Year 8 camp program is to foster teamwork and cooperation by design of the challenging outdoor program. The tasks and activities within this program allow for the natural emergence of leaders within the student group. These qualities are noted for each of the leadership applicants and are considered in shortlisting applicants for the Prefect positions.

Monday, 6th November – Shortlisting of Applicants

All Prefect position applicants will receive a letter indicating if they have or have not been shortlisted to continue through the remaining selection process. In shortlisting applicants, consideration is given to:

  • Individual peer nomination of 10 Prefect applicants.
  • Campus staff nomination and feedback.
  • Staff feedback of leadership qualities displayed on camp.

Tuesday, 7th November – Prefect Applicant Interviews

Shortlisted Prefect applicants participate in a short interview with a combination of Head of Campus, Deputy Head of Campus and Year Level Coordinator.

Friday, 17th November – Prefect Applicant Notification

Prefect applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application.

2018 Leaders Induction Service

2018 Prefects and House Leaders will be formally inducted into their positions. The School Captains will be announced from the Prefect group.

The process for leadership selection is extensive and we recognise that not all students who apply will be successful. However, we encourage students throughout the process to consider the concept of leadership and reflect upon their present level of servanthood in their daily living, be it with a formal title or without. A lot can be learnt about oneself, even if unsuccessful in being offered a formal position as part of this process. Feedback to applicants will be offered as part of this process.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, then please feel free to contact me on 52532998.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Nicola Morrish
Year 7/8 Coordinator


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