A Message From The Deputy Head Of Campus

There has been a different vibe at the Junior School Campus this week.

Students and staff filled empty hallways on Tuesday morning with renewed energy and were buzzing with news of holidays. Mr Glen McKeeman, our College Principal, brought a message of a little boy, who when faced with incredible adversity, managed to find the positives - giving small gifts (e.g. plastic toys) to people passing by and in return he received smiles, hugs and often tears of joy from his recipients. Such a simple idea - but something that not only turned his life around, but also the lives of many others.

Positivity is infectious and can play a role in our health - both physically and mentally, as well as in our relationships and general wellbeing. Positivity will come more easily to some than others depending on our individual situations, and there are simple things we can do as families and as a College to help boost feelings of positivity in our young people and ourselves.

Things such as writing someone a card, noting the good they see in a person, identifying 'what makes us shine', keeping a positive 'selfie' diary, and giving out kindness keepsakes.

At last night’s staff meeting, teachers shared some of the special things they have seen in their students in Week 1, and it is the simple, small things - such as drawing a funny picture of the teacher or accomplishing something they've been working towards - that creates this infectious positivity in our community.

John 14:27 states: 'I am leaving you with a gift— peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.'

The staff are very much looking forward to Term 4 and are excited to watch what our young people bring to our community over the coming weeks. 


Carla Dunlop

Deputy Head of Campus

Junior School - Belmont



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