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During the holiday break three Equestrian Team members traveled to Toowoomba for the National Interschool Equestrian Championships. Shanae Jenkinson (Year 11) and Charlotte Sheldon (Year 10) from the Senior School Campus and Sophie Taylor (Year 7) from the Middle School Campus were looking forward to competing at this prestigious event.

The students gained selection in the Victorian team through consistently high placings across the year of competitions in the Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series and the Victorian State Championships.

Unfortunately for Shanae, her horse Wilfred sustained an injury at home and was unable to compete. Despite her disappointment, Shanae traveled with the team and was a great support to her Victorian teammates. Shanae has been an outstanding CCG Equestrian team Co-Captain this year, always supporting younger students as well as achieving her outstanding Individual results.

Both Charlotte and Sophie had busy programs for the State team. Charlotte competed in the Eventing class that involves three very different disciplines of Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. Charlotte competed in the Dressage in place of Shanae, as both girls had top placings at the Victorian State Championships event. Teams from all States and the Northern Territory were represented, with the Victorian team placing 3rd behind teams from the host state Queensland and NSW.

Please read this extract from Charlotte Sheldon on the event:

To compete at the top of your sport for Victoria is such a privilege. This year was my third time competing at the Equestrian Interschool Nationals and each year has been totally different. This is the first time I have had the experience to compete in Queensland. The Nationals were held at the Toowoomba showgrounds where over 300 students competed in different events, ranging from Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, Show Horse and Combined Training. The top 4 students in each discipline from each State/Territory qualified for their chosen event. My chosen event was Eventing. This contains Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping. Dressage contains movement which you have to follow. You and your horse(s) are marked out of 10 on these required movements. The next phase that takes place is Cross Country. This is very similar to Athletic Cross Country, however slightly different in that you have to complete the course in a certain time limit. This can change all the time depending on the distance of the course. The other difference is that there are jumps involved, and these jumps are solid and cannot be knocked down. The last and final phase is Show Jumping. This is were you have to jump over about 12 obstacles and try not to knock down any rails. If you are to knock down a rail, for each jump you will add 4 penalty points onto your score. The winner is that with the lowest score possible. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the Show Jump due to Town hurting himself. I did participate in another event, this being the preliminary secondary senior Dressage. I was lucky enough to take Shanae's spot after her horse unfortunately injured himself - as I was a reserve behind her at the State Championship. I was a bit more successful in the Dressage than the Eventing, coming in 11th overall.



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