A Message From The Chaplain

We all know what a wonderful job mums play in raising their children.

In this article, it is the role of dads that I’d like to focus on. We do acknowledge that, for a number of reasons, dads may not be present and that sometimes someone else steps in to take on this important role. Dads play a very important role.

My wife and I have been enjoying the TV documentary on SBS on Wednesday nights titled, ‘Look Me In The Eye’ hosted by Ray Martin. The program brings estranged family members or past friends to sit within a metre of each other, spending five minutes looking into each other’s eyes without speaking.

The documentary provides the opportunity for past hurts and years of resentment and bitterness to begin to be dealt with, helping people to evaporate the bad experiences and allow for restoration and relationships to grow again. It can be very confronting and emotional, but as a rule, it ends well with the people involved choosing to talk through their stories and to start again.

For some, it’s too hard and they walk away without resolution. Many of the participants want to reconnect with a father who wasn’t present or active in their children’s lives for a multitude of reasons.

The attached article by Michael Grose, Child Psychologist and writer of the parenting ideas text ‘Building Up Frequent Father Points’, speaks about dads and guardians investing both quality and quantity of time with their children. I hope it’s helpful and encouraging.

We also have a Heavenly Father who has built up an infinite number of 'Frequent Father' points for us, through Jesus. Through Jesus we have forgiveness of sins, a hope for the future and a love that won’t let go of us, no matter what we may have done.

As our Heavenly Father’s children all we need to do is relate and trust Him like a child trusts and relates to their dad or guardian.


Rowan Thurman

Junior School Chaplain


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